How the air conditioner works
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The principle of working air conditioner is based on the idea of ​​the work of air conditioner core on the chemical concept, which is called cooling cycles from inside the house to outside and thus in the process of absorption and expulsion of heat outside the house, and shows Mr.
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Glenn Hurahan, First Vice President of the contracting company of the American air conditioning that the cooling gas come out with heat to cool And then re-enter the house to start a new cooling cycle, and that the gases in the home refrigeration are the R-22 and R-401 and chemically known Hdk, which are converted from the liquid state to gas easily and this property makes them As it is chemically known that the liquid turns to heat for the gaseous state, and this is what happens to the condensed cooling gas when it absorbs the room temperature and turns into gaseous state, and then forced to go outside to cool it and return to the liquidity situation and so on.
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Air Conditioners The following are six surprising facts about air conditioners: [2] Working principle, air conditioners draw heat and humidity out of the chamber to rotate it through tubes filled with coolant gas. The hot gas is expelled and re-cooled to the room by air. The economic impact, air conditioners contribute to the mitigation of heat on human bodies in their places of living, and thus accept their conditions and survival and not thinking of going to the coldest areas, which helps to grow those areas. Preserving a pleasant atmosphere within the British Parliament building: In 1736 members of the British Parliament were circling the wheel of blowing air to cool the rooms of Parliament they occupy. In 1902, inventor Willis Carrier invented the first air conditioner.
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The change in the price of the air conditioner, the price of buying a conditioner in the 1940s amounted to $ 340, which now costs between $ 2,000 and $ 6,000.
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Friendship with the environment The air conditioners became more friendly with the ozone layer after they became chlorine-free and operated on the principle of energy saving.