Autism Home Décor Learning Poster
Funny Emojis/Emoji for serious Autism Home Care & Development

Autism Home Décor Learning Poster 36" x 48", Digital Download, JPG

This the first of a serious of Posters helping autistic " Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)" to visual Echolalia comparable successful strategy, with us it will have a meaning!

Not far from the same strategy, Indiana Resource Center for Autism introduced the same strategy at:
for Using Visual Schedules: A Guide for Parents
proving that visual recognition of wards is a FACT for autistic specially from trusted characters.

Based on Prof. Rushwan's proven Strategies for Speaking autistics, autistic remembers the way of pronouncing the word visually - A breakthrough - then verbally from lovely characters including a very close individuals and funny characters as our RushStar Emojis

Here, we offer the first "A" for apple poster with steps of pronunciations and lovely emoji, plus a application for the every letter and numbers on the upcoming posters.

With posters you beloved autistic will find someone who can speak his/her language: visual words

Digital poster will be delivered without the protective watermark, Ultra Clear Quality.

You'll receive the file shortly after your order gets confirmed, the file is High Resolution HI-RES JPG, to be used on your computer, TV, printed from your own printer or closest poster shop, every file is barcoded and for every purchase you are allowed to print and view as much as favored per every individual family, the purchase is fair and per family, for additional families, kindly purchase the right amount, it's not expensive.

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Canadian ISBN: 978-0-9737536-8-4
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